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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ellinghaus’ Dancing Pendants

14K pendant with black and white agate and garnet.

It’s easy to see that metalsmith Nancy Ellinghaus enjoys her work. “There’s nothing like picking up a hammer and making things move,” she said during the recent Buyers Market of American Craft show in Philadelphia.

14K pendant with opal.
Ellinghaus specializes in pendants in 14k gold or silver. She pairs her metal circular and wave-like shapes with a variety of colored gemstones. Some sparkle, others have depth of color. There’s a definite consistency in Ellinghaus’ style. Metal on the finished pieces are thin and curved with lots of open space. The gems appear  balanced on the metal. The finished pieces appear delicate and seem to twist and turn in space, like a ballerina.

“I’m very fond of negative space and I try to capture a sense of motion in all of my pieces,” she said.

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